What is an Escape Room?

Escape Room en Menorca

A Room Escape in Menorca is an ideal place to spend a different and unforgettable time with your family and friends, It takes place in a place with several rooms, full of enigmas, and foreign objects. The different rooms are controlled all the time by the game director.

Once inside you will start an exciting adventure in which you will feel as protagonists of a film. Upon entering, the doors will close behind you and you will have 80 minutes to discover and solve all the mysteries inside the rooms, The goal is simple, escape before time runs out.

Room Escape, the new leisure activity

A escape room or room escape is a live game in which you must use your brain to get out of a locked room.

Cubick Room Escape Menorca works in the following way: you enter into a room, in couple, with friends or family, and even with co-workers as a group company. Once the room is closed, all together, you must find out what mystery is hidden between these 4 walls. A character will give you clues, to help you to solve the different puzzles, since you can solve the mystery and escape in less than 80 minutes.

It is a new way of leisure activity to have fun (If you like brain teasers, obviusly) in which you will exercise your brain, and you will test your wits and will interact with the rest of the group to succeed.

In Cubick Room Escape Menorca there are different levels of difficulty depending on the experience you have in escape games or depending if you want to put yourselfes in a more or less complex situation. We focus mainly in:

  • Room Escape couples
  • Room Escape friends and family
  • Escape Room for companies
  • Room Escape Birthdays
  • Escape Room for tourists
Come to Cubick Room Escape and try to escape. Do you think you can do it?

Which are the features of Room Escape?

This new entertainment and leisure activity has certain key points and always kept up the essence of this new method of fun.


The Room Escape, as its name indicates, takes place in a room. A room decorated and acclimatized that emulates a room whose output is locked, maybe by a code, or maybe by a key.

Game Master

One person directs the game and motivate and encourage the players, giving clues, chatting, telling stories ..., He makes sure that everything is done correctly.


The puzzles are the key to escape from the room. They can be of all kinds: puzzles, guessing, sequencing objects, tests, hieroglyphs ... All these puzzles allow you to discover the mystery of escapism room to leave the room.


Normally most of the escape rooms have a duration of 60′, but our escape room is a little more extensive: 80′, because our experience is very dynamic and time runs very fast.

It is enough time to solve all the clues., 80 minutes of pure adrenaline and fun..


The team is build with a limited number of people, that working together will try to decipher the clues that are presented. The ideal for enjoy this experience is to go with people you have confidence to have a good time, while, this new practice learns to work side by side, fostering teamwork and communication, so if you're a quiet person, or just want to improve these aspects, Cubick Room Escape can be a very ​​entertaining therapy.

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